Who & who


Bruno Michel

Actor, circus artist & musicien

Born on the 21st of April 1972 in Paris, he learns since childhood acrobacy, guitar, acting and drums.

In 1995, he graduates from the CNAC (National Center of Circus Arts, France), he shares his skills between circus, music and dance.

He co-founded the Company Anomalie and was a teeterboard flyer, actor, dancer in « Le Cri du Caméléon » directed by Joseph NADJ (International tour between 1995 to 1998).

He initiated « 33 Tours de Piste » (Anomalie’s 2nd creation in 1997), starts and co-orchestrates the concept « Circus-concert » with Patrick CUISANCE, under Christian LUCAS’s watchful eye.

Attracted by other types of show, including Balinese ceremonies, Aboriginal music and dances…, he will travel for three years between France and Australia, in search of inspiration… When he is back in France in 2001, to synthesize his nomadic experience, he wrote a moving–tale with the help of Nazim BOUDJENAH: « The Mongolian Rose, last flower on Earth » (circus, theatre and music).

In 2002, he has joined «La Brigade », a show by Pierre DOUSSAINT, and Cie.Heliotropion to co-create « An Nagodo », (clown-dance-music). In October 2003 he is dancer-acrobat in the Lyric Opera « Les Troyens » directed by Yannis KOKKOS, Théâtre du Chatelet (Paris). He co-directs and presents as M.C the « Cabaret des Ex. » of the CNAC in 2004 for the Furies festival, he will also direct it for its second edition in 2005.

Between 2004 and 2007, he plays a burlesque character in «The real-false wedding » of La Caravane Passe, a Gypsy-Frenchy Rock show.

He also creates a solo for street-theatre, « Under the Stars » with his character Jean-Simon, mixing story-telling, juggling, impro-dance, playing live music and free hug... acting in several Festivals.

He conducts contemporary circus and dance workshops at the National Center of Circus Arts, other schools and events, as well as teach at the WA Circus School.

In 2008, he graduates the Audio Engineering program at SAE Institute Perth, works at Kulcha as sound technician and starts to record his own music under the nickname SOL-R.

In 2010, five other musicians join him to play & perform SOL-R music.